Help! My account has been suspended.

Why was my account suspended?

Our system automatically suspends accounts that are suspected of non-compliant activity, including:

  • Using a proxy server or VPN
  • Logging in to multiple accounts
  • Using more than 3 accounts per household
  • Advertiser complaints or suspected fraud
  • Logging in from an unsupported country
  • Any other breaches of our Terms of Service
How do I get back into my account?

Just send us a message (if you haven't already) and we will review your account as soon as we can. As long as your account has not been permanently suspended, we'll be happy to explain what happened and reinstate your account.

The decision we make is always final. In almost all cases, we can reinstate accounts that have been suspended for minor issues. Sometimes, we may need to permanently suspend your account to protect our platform from fraud.

Security Tips

  • Use a strong password that uses a combination of upper and lowercase characters, numbers and symbols. It should be different to passwords you use elsewhere.
  • Make sure your email account is secure. Use a strong password that you don't use anywhere else.
  • Never share your password with anyone, even with us.
I think someone has accessed my account

I was expecting an email but haven't received it.

Waiting on an automated email from us, but it's not arriving in your inbox? Try the steps below:

  • Usually when you haven't received an email from us, it's been caught by one of your email provider's spam filters. Have you checked your spam or junk folders? If you've found it, make sure to mark our email as "Not Spam".
  • Double-check that you've entered the correct email address under My Account
  • There is usually a link to resend the email on the page you're on. Try resending and wait a few minutes for the email to make its way to your inbox.
  • If you still haven't received the email, we'll help you out. Just let us know  what's happening!

Multiple Accounts

Only one account is allowed per person and per device. Using multiple accounts will cause your accounts to suspend automatically. We do allow up to 3 accounts per household, as long as each account is associated with a different person.

Our partners may set their own restrictions when completing offers from multiple accounts in the same household. For example, if two users live in the same household, and one user completes a certain offer or survey, it may not be available to the other user.

Our partners set their own device limits, which apply per household rather than per account.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by clicking "Delete Account" at the bottom of My Account

We will immediately close your account and permanently delete your data 30 days after receiving your request. If you decide that you want to keep your account within that time, just log in as normal and your account will be reactivated.

After 30 days have passed, all information associated with your account will be deleted forever and any points you've earned and not redeemed will be forfeited.

Did we do something wrong, or are you having any issues that we can help with? Feel free to send us an email at Gptfreeoffers.

I've forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

You can easily reset your password by going to Login > Forgot your password our link. We'll email a new, temporary password to your email address which you can use to login to your account. Make sure you change this password as soon as you login again.